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Home from Home Solution


Walk in and begin a London life.

Before they arrive Consider it Done can;

  • advise on which home electrical and electronic equipment to bring (or not) from the US - often saving transport costs and storage space

  • set up phone, broadband and TV, plus utilities, Council Tax, TV licence and parking permits, so they are ready to go on the assignee's arrival

  • be there to receive the shipment from home, and unpack down to the last cup and saucer (taking it further than the removals firms who 'unpack to surface')

  • purchase or rent extra furniture and oversee assembly

  • purchase other essentials – from a baby monitor or hairdryer, to a kitchen bin

  • order, receive and unpack a grocery delivery for the day of arrival

  • meet and greet the family at the property on the day of arrival, handover keys and give a familiarisation walk through covering heating, alarm system, and home technology

These are some common requests, though each individual scenario brings a variety of extra needs, which we are ready to cater for, such as;

  • mobile phone contracts where they aren't normally available to new arrivals (a first in our sector)

  • pet importing or airport pick up

  • short-term car rental or car purchase (with buy back guarantee)

  • interior design for the new property

  • set up of security alarm system and keyholding

  • lock changes, additional keys

  • tenants' insurance

  • Oyster travel cards for the London Underground 


Explore the possibilities for your assignees.

Consider it Done have been outstanding in delivering tailor made services to our corporate and private clients.
— Richard Crowther, Business Development Manager, Clark and Rose, a shipping partner

Home Tech Genius 

Friendly answers to all the tricky bits.

We would like to add after several international moves the service you guys are providing is exceptional.
— Spouse of the company's Mobility Director, moving to London with a major financial institution

Our 'Home Tech Genius' service can bring a level of home technology expertise which we believe is unique to the London relocation sector.

By carrying out a Home Tech survey at the assignee's property, we can make recommendations based on their requirements and the physical characteristics of the building itself – to cover broadband provision, Wi-Fi set up, installation of TV and electronics, and satellite or cable TV services.

We find that the real estate agents' property particulars can be unclear on the subject of the home Wi-Fi, satellite, TV and audio facilities available. We save huge hidden costs by guiding and advising the relocation agent or property search consultant in their negotiations ahead of the assignee's lease being signed, to avoid expensive home cabling and connections costs later.

We can:

  • Work with the company IT department to ensure secure integration between home and office technology

  • Establish whether high speed fibre optic services are available; meet installers onsite; or work with managing agents where home tech updating is needed at the property

  • Propose and oversee any re-cabling work as required – working with agents, landlords, and the assignee

  • Research best deals, purchase and install home electronics such as TVs and hifi systems in consultation with the assignee, having these items tested and ready to go in time for their arrival

 Helpful Bolt Ons


 We’ve thought of everything.

Property Scrutiny

In our experience, sometimes the assignee's property check-in leaves unreported problems. The team at Consider it Done can offer a more forensic level of checks, ensuring there is heating and hot water, appliances are working, blinds and spotlights are functioning, any cleaning issues are taken care of, there are no leaks, cracked glass, or dangerous wires, all sets of keys are available – and so on. We report back immediately with photos, and work to resolve any issues prior to the family's arrival.


Expat Mail Forwarding

Our mail forwarding service allows assignees to login online, view mail that has been delivered in the US and either instruct items to be forwarded to the UK, have them held in the US or have them disposed of.


Little Black Book

Our work has allowed us to work with a huge variety of contractors and trades people over the years and we have a red hot little black book of great contacts as a result! It includes cleaners, handymen, electricians, man and van firms, gardeners, caterers, florists, babysitters, dog walkers, dry cleaners, hairdressers and taxi firms ... to name but a few. We are pleased to make introductions to assignees we are working for.


Take advantage of our Helpful Bolt-Ons.



A spare set of keys for the assignee's apartment are secured with our accredited security partner who can be called out 24/7 in a lock out, a break in, if the alarm goes off, to let in arriving guests, rescue a passport or any number of emergency situations.


Car Finding

Our car finding partner provides an excellent search and inspect service, and whether new or used, negotiates a purchase on behalf of the assignee. They can deliver the vehicle to the new UK address to coincide with the assignee's arrival, and they even offer a buy-back guarantee for the car at the end of the assignment.


Moving within London

Sometimes after a year's tenancy, the assignee's family decide to move somewhere else within London. Consider it Done are well placed to transfer all accounts and personal effects to the new property, ensuring things go smoothly and minimising the amount there is for the family to think about.


The Really Useful USB

Devised by Consider it Done in response to questions being asked by relocatees, the R.U. USB is a memory stick packed with invaluable information about their new neighbourhood. It includes information about local Doctors' surgeries accepting new registrations, local churches, dentists, gyms, 24-hour pharmacies - plus a huge list of Really Useful websites covering off-the-tourist-track list of interesting things to do in London.

Seamless Project Management


Efficiency is in our DNA

Put simply, this means that the assignee does not have to worry about which contact they need to reach out to at each and every stage. Overwhelmingly, feedback we hear from relocatees is that by the time they speak to Consider it Done they have already been in touch with upwards of 10 or more contacts in the chain, all eager to be of help but each creating their own level of 'noise'.

Having an overseeing role from the start is where CiD can add the most value, and reduce the noise level by providing a single point of contact for each assignee. This doesn't have to be at the exclusion of other key relationships or relocation partners. 

Thanks for all of your hard work. You and the team are Godsends! We look forward to a long relationship with you guys!
— Todd Richardson, Senior Vice President, international digital marketing firm.

Intelligent Service Technology


Making things smarter and easier.

Consider it Done has developed a suite of super-smart technologies to enhance its service offering which it is proud to offer your organisation, for use by assignees and mobility management teams.

 is the name we have given to a live online HD video chat facility. Assignees or Mobility Managers can pre-book an i-Contact call with their point of contact at CiD for live consultation and update sessions. An online link is all that is required.

This means that decisions can be made quickly and easily about the set up at the assignee's home, and a deeper level of trust and confidence is built, which is key to the success of the relocation.


Own Zone is the name of our secure online portal where assignees can login for completely private access to their own Consider it Done progress updates 24/7.

Assignees can delegate new tasks and give approvals on the work in progress from any time zone, giving them control and allowing the relocation process to proceed in the most time efficient way.

Corporate clients can re-skin the Own Zone portal in company colours, so that assignees feel as though they are in familiar and trusted territory. There is also the opportunity to offer management level access, giving headline oversight of CiD's deliverables and access to bespoke reporting.  


Arrange a demo of our Intelligent Service Technologies.

Sue you are all AMAZING! Thanks for all your help!
— Johanna Halla, Primacy Relocation UK, a relocation partner.

Access to Expert Partners


Connect with the best.

Just like you, we recognise we can't do it alone, but won't compromise when it comes to the partners we work with.

We are equally happy as a team member in the Global Mobility supply chain, alongside a relocation agent, or as project manager of the whole process.

That's because we are well connected and can provide our clients and agents with access to other expert relocation partners in (for example);

  • Immigration

  • Tax and compensation

  • Expense management

  • International schools

  • Property search

  • International shipping

  • Furniture rental

Consider it Done would be pleased to work with you in our own right, or create a team with our partners for a seamless end to end solution. If your supply chain is evolving, we can introduce you to new providers to strengthen the links in the process.


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