Do less. Achieve more.

Success Doesn't Happen By Chance.


Establishing support in your private life is an essential part of any professional person’s career advancement. 

The bigger the goals in life, the more decisive a role that support plays in the background. 

Consider it Done removes the noise of life that takes up time and absorbs headspace.

We know our clients need intelligent, unfussy answers, and pain-free solutions.  

Nothing is too trivial, or difficult or too different. All of it done with the minimum of fuss which is what busy people need.
— Fiona Pitcher, BBC Executive Producer

Experience Counts.

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With 15 years supporting C Suite executives, VPs and Partners, Consider it Done is the invisible support lifeline that has helped many reach ambitious goals, alongside punishing work lives and the demands of family.

Like you, we add value from our experience.

Sometimes the source of a distraction from home is of critical importance and needs to be handled thoughtfully and sensitively.

We use our maturity and intelligence to take care of tasks as if they were our own.

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 Gain quality time.

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To gain the most from our service, you need to do the least.

We’ve developed a private app allowing clients to delegate tasks on the move, make quick decisions and communicate with their Consider it Done PA discretely.

Our systems were built in-house for maximum security, and to enable us to be transparent and accountable in all we do.

How it all started.


Founded in 2004 by Sue Reeve, Consider it Done came about as a result of Sue’s own experiences of the international corporate world:

After a few years of overseas assignments, I had barely spent more than a week at home and felt as though my personal life was on hold. Other than begging favours from friends and family, there was no easy way to make anything happen while I was away.

‘Consider it Done’ was an easy name to give the business, because people under pressure just want to let go of things that are holding them back, knowing they are being taken care of reliably and with attention to detail.

We know where and how to get things done efficiently and done well. We only work with first-rate suppliers and contractors and refuse to compromise standards.


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It’s all about the team.

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As we’ve grown the team, I’ve brought the best people with me. Between us we know how to make the service non-judgemental and easy to ask for. Clients know that no request is too awkward, complicated or difficult to make.

It’s a high trust situation, and we take our responsibilities seriously.

As a result we have worked with some clients for more than 10 years through multiple house moves, holidays, deaths, divorces, children, schools, milestone birthdays and marriages.

As a team, we are bomb-proof. You can count on us when you need it most.

I have worked with CID since they began and I now couldn’t imagine life without Sue and her great team. No job is too big or too small.
— Dee Forbes, President & MD Northern Europe, Discovery Channel

What we do.

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We are often asked about what we do. Naturally we don’t share the details.

Every client uses the service differently. From household to do list, through to project management of a full property renovation. And everything in between. 

It’s as varied as life itself.

Do less.
Achieve more.


Our Aim:

To give you the mind space and freedom to focus and perform at your best.

With Consider it Done:

  • You stay in control of the brief, the time spent, and the outcomes.

  • We take away the background noise of life, working invisibly and discretely.

  • With our ground-breaking app, Delegate, ease and efficiency is built in.

  • The difference, is life changing.

The level of care and attention, and ease of working with you is absolutely fantastic. You allow my shoulders to go down, to breathe a little easier and most of all to know whatever has been requested, I truly can ‘Consider it Done’. Three words that really can transform your life.
— Corrina Jorgensen, Senior Partner, Afiniti

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